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How to access what you need...

The Goldsmiths Library is a place that most of you will have spent a lot of time at studying, reading, preparing for exams and… maybe just drifting off into space from time to time?! Guilty! 

With everything a bit up in the air at the mo, we thought we’d share a little reminder of what kind of services can be reached, and where, when it comes to all things Library… 

For general support information about what the Library can for you during Covid-19, have a read here.

Subject Librarians can be booked for online 121's using Teams by either going directly to the Subject Guide for the department e.g. 'Computing' or by using the 'Find Your Subject' Librarian function in the middle of this help page. 

The Academic Skills Centre can be booked for online 121's by going here. 

One thing to note is that not all books are available digitally, so while the Library staff are trying their hardest to source them, it might be that they’re just not available. The team are also beginning to deliver online training via for specific departments. 

The main way of communicating with the Library (in this new virtually isolated world we live in) is via their LibChat system (on the right-hand-side from this page). 

They’re pretty busy at the min, so please be patient, but if you need help locating articles and books, they should be able to assist from 9am-7pm Monday to Friday and 1-6pm at the weekend. 

Let us know if you have any questions about accessing specific services and we will do our best to help!