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Hira’s Black History Month top picks…

To commemorate Black History Month, we’ve organised a whole host of virtual events in the SU. You can check them out here. We think they’re a great way for you to learn more about historical and ongoing issues with the Black community, as well as celebrate their achievements.

Hira from our SU Welcome Desk has compiled this list of external Black History Month events which we thought may be of interest. Let us know what events you plan on logging in for, or if there are any other events we should include in this list.


1. Zari Gallery: Black History Month Exhibit (until 30th - Oct’ 20)

Following an open call, the gallery is now exhibiting work from local and international Black artists, that you can book a viewing for. Each of these works is carefully curated and scheduling a viewing is a great safe (and free) way of enjoying the art. The portraits are a great way to commemorate and learn about the experiences surrounding Blackness worldwide. 


2. Ragtime to Grime: Bring it Home Tour (until 24th Oct’ 20)

If you’re in the Greenwich area, this show in honour of Black History Month reflects experiences of mentally troubled and historically disenfranchised youth. The show is presented by Temujin Gill’s Grounded Movement and includes both dance and rap. Entrance is pay what you can, and you can find them in different parts of the Greenwich borough on different performance days, so make sure to book your attendance online before you go.  


3. Black Cultural Archives: Stories of Black Leadership II

This is the second edition of a virtual exhibit that highlights the journeys of Black British women throughout history that have overcome adversity and taken their rightful seat at the table. This includes video interviews that are incredibly insightful as well as photographs, all of which can be easily viewed online (and for free). You can also access the BCA and all their exhibits in-person at Brixton on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


4. Riverside Studios: Movie Screenings (until 25th Oct’ 20)

In honour of Black History Month, Riverside Studios in Hammersmith are playing a selection of films that highlight different parts of the Black experience, both in the US and UK. One of the films in the lineup that is worth watching is Daughters of the Dust, which features three generations of Gullah women and their diasporic experiences. Standard tickets are £13 but a discount is available for students. 


5. And last but not least I can't not include one of the Goldsmiths SU events! The one I’m most looking forward to is Feeling Good: Black Joy & Resilience - a virtual exhibition of student artists at Goldsmiths who identify as black. The results of which will be hosted on this website and online platforms between Monday 19th October!


*Most of the organisations for these above events are also accepting donations and involve artists that have been struggling because of the global pandemic, so please consider donating if you can. These are just some events that are easily accessible but comment below or reach out to us if there are others we can highlight. We’d love to hear about how you chose to celebrate Black History Month and learn more about resources we can all utilise. Happy Black History Month!*