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Here's why you should join the Debating Society...

When most people think of debating, you might initially think of stuffy chambers filled with dull old politicians and lawmakers. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Debating is, at the end of the day, just a form of argument - and who doesn’t love getting into a good argument? Here’s why George-Hakon Benson, President of the Debating Society, thinks you should join… (and it’s free!)


 About Us

We currently hold a weekly online debating workshop every Thursday evening (5-7pm) during term time. These interactive virtual workshops provide an excellent opportunity for building your confidence, developing valuable employability skills and also for discussion of a wide range of interesting debate topics. These workshops are open to all Goldsmiths students, regardless of previous debating experience. It’s never too late to start debating!

Every month or so we also host special public events; such as debates, panel discussions and public interviews. For these events we bring in subject experts to discuss specific topics and help broaden our understanding of world issues. You can find an audio recording of our most recent event here.



Reasons to Join

1. To make friends!

As with any society, membership means that you are part of a community of like-minded peers, and during the current absence of face-to-face classes this is the best way to meet new people at Goldsmiths. Also, debating builds bridges. Whether you see eye-to-eye or have differing opinions to someone else, by debating against them and learning more about their perspectives, debating serves as a brilliant bonding opportunity. All of our sessions are designed to be fun and interactive, allowing our members the chance to all get to know one another and make friends.

2. To learn more about the world

Debating broadens your general knowledge and provides an incredible opportunity for constructively engaging with topical issues. In our sessions we aim to create a safe space where everyone feels able to raise their ideas, and ask any questions they have without fear of judgement. Furthermore, all of our panel discussions and other public events also provide an additional opportunity to learn more about important subject areas. And let’s of course not forget that with the confidence you gain from public speaking, it also becomes much easier to speak up even when you don’t feel sure that you know much about a topic!

3. To develop key skills

Debating is an incredible vehicle for developing a whole range of important transferable skills which will help you get ahead at university, in your career and in life in general. This long list includes (but is not limited to!) public speaking ability, communication skills, critical thinking, creative thinking, teamwork, leadership, resilience and – above all – self-confidence. Have you ever been nervous when giving a presentation? Well after you’ve spent some time debating, challenges like that will start to feel easy!


Get Involved

Feeling tempted? Well give it a go! You can find out more about us and join our society via our website, here.

You can also follow us on our Instagram and Facebook page, where we post updates and other fun stuff!

We hope to see you at one of our sessions or events very soon!