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Here's what we'll be focusing on...

Your four Full-Time elected Officers - Lauren (SU President), Fowsia (Education Officer), Sara (Welfare & Liberation Officer) and Niquella (Campaigns & Activities) are here to lead your Students’ Union, implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice with the University at every level. They were elected into their roles by current Goldsmiths students during the Full-Time Officer elections in March. 

While they each have individual priorities and things they want to work on over the year ahead (you can view these by clicking on each individual Officer here), there are 5 key areas they will be focusing on as a collective this year. These are…


1. The internal structure of the SU 

This involves: A governance review of the SU, removing the President role and replacing it with another position, hiring a CEO and HR Manager, and reviewing the Complaints Procedure of the University and SU. 


2.  Evolving Goldsmiths 

This involves: Fighting marketisation and resisting ‘Evolving Goldsmiths.’ While ‘Evolving Goldsmiths’ has now stopped, this has morphed into the ‘Covid-19 response plan’ which due to the economic state of HE is fairly more aggressive. The Sabbatical Officers will hold the Senior Management Team (SMT) to account and push for transparency.


3. Accessibility 

This involves: Working on making the campus accessible for those with physical disabilities, including the SU building. Making sports accessible for all groups and improving mental health accessibility for disabled students. 


4. Mental Health 

This involves: Working on the Mental Health Action Plan and making mental health services culturally competent. Making the Student Hardship Fund accessible for all students and finding an alternative to blackbullion - this program is mentally draining on students. 


5. Racial Justice and GARA (Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action) 

This involves: Working on the GARA demands (and making concrete progress on them). Fighting racism in the SU (working with the BAME staff network) and mandatory Anti-Racism Training for ALL staff SU and college. Focusing on the £20K Black History Fund (finding a staff member to work on it, along with more support and clarity from the College). 


While the above is just a small snapshot of what the Full-Time Officers hope to work on together this year, they also plan to tackle issues such as the below on an individual basis…

  • Reviewing the ‘Report and Support’ system and Active Bystander Training
  • Working with faith groups to tackle Islamophobia & antisemitism 
  • Working on better supporting student parents
  • Fighting for the university to compensate students who lost out on valuable learning time due to previous strike action 
  • Creating more inclusive events…

We’ll keep you updated with further progress throughout the year!