Help us to lobby the government...

The disruption to education that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused is significant and we know you're suffering. This is why the NUS are campaigning for a Student Safety Net - and we, the SU, are fully behind it.

What are we asking for? 

  • £60 million of additional hardship funding for students 
  • An economic package for education leavers in the form of a grant, that can be used for further training and education, retraining and other activity that will improve their job prospects 
  • The chance for every student to retake this year of their qualifications, or have our debt written off/fees reimbursed

Why are we asking for this? 

An NUS survey of 10,000 higher and further education students across the UK, which attempts to uncover the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on their lives, found that…. 

  • Across the board, 85% of students are worried about exams and assessments 
  • Nearly three in four students are concerned about their ability to pay rent 
  • 3/4 of students on a placement are concerned that Covid-19 will have a negative impact on their ability to complete it
  • 79% of those on more vocational courses are concerned their course has been negatively impacted
  • Only half of those in receipt of support believe they have continued to receive adequate support to work through the pandemic 
  • Disabled students were more likely to have financial concerns
  • 81% of students are concerned about their job prospects, and 71% are concerned about the impact it will have on their employability 

Click here to read the letter the Full-Time Officers sent to MP Vicky Foxcroft to ask for her support with the campaign.

How can you support the campaign? 

Help us to lobby the government by sharing the campaign on social media, tagging the NUS (and Goldsmiths SU/Goldsmiths) in your posts). Make sure you use the hashtag #StudentSafetyNet in your posts. We need to build momentum and ensure that students are NOT falling through the cracks.

Share the video below: 

Student officers from around the country tell us how Covid-19 is impacting their education, and what we need from the government to support students. Share the video, tag your MPs and let them know why all students need a Student Safety Net!