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The Union Chair role is one of the most important roles that exists besides a Full Time Sabbatical Officer. You chair and facilitate the Students' Forum, where students meet, debate and vote on policy, and you get full membership of the College Council, which meets around four or more times a year and is the highest decision making body of the University.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make the change you think is needed at Goldsmiths, and empower students to be involved in decision making that happens at Goldsmiths.

Ideal for someone who:

  • Wants to develop their confidence, leadership, public speaking and facilitating skills.
  • Is interested in how the university works and is keen to develop their understanding of how college decisions are made, with a direct opportunity to attend all of these meetings.
  • Is interested in policy, is okay reading lots of papers and coming to a judgement on the issues that the college are dealing with at the moment.


Want to know more?

Email and read the full role description here.


Want to proceed and nominate yourself?

It’s easy, you can do so via the form here.


What happens after that?

You will run in the Students’ Union elections, giving all students a chance to vote based on your manifesto (which is a summary of what you would prioritise if you won).


Don’t worry - we will explain this all once you’ve nominated yourself and give you a special briefing.