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Students call for a January rent strike!

A collective of Goldsmiths students - known as Gold Rent Strike - are calling for a January rent strike.

They say: Goldsmiths convinced many students to come to University this year, forcing them into signing exploitative contracts with halls. Now many students are paying thousands of pounds in rent for unsafe living environments they wished they'd never signed for. The conditions of halls are appalling, there are countless inadequately dealt with cases of sexual violence and racism and many of us were locked in our flats without ANY support from the university! All for extortionate rent that many are struggling to meet!


So we demand of Goldsmith's the following:


- No repercussions for Rent Strikers and guaranteed safety for International students


- 50% rent reduction for the remainder of the academic year 2020/21 and a guarantee of no pay cuts and job losses for staff


- To offer all students no-penalty early withdrawal from their tenancy contracts, for both this and the next academic years.


- Immediate removal of sexual violence perpetrators from halls, improved communication and support for survivors, and a new and improved Report and Support system.


- Immediate action against racism on campus, including Anti-Racist training for students and staff members and setting up a new complaints procedure (following GARA Goldsmiths Anti Racist Action demands last year) as well as increased access to student support to ensure the safety and well-being of black and brown people on campus. 


- Maintenance responses to problems in halls of residence to be within 24hrs including issues with wifi.


- Increased support for isolating students through food boxes , daily access to outside spaces, communication about cases with students and staff and daily check ins from wellbeing.


- Increased resources for the wellbeing team and increased access to counselling.


- Public Apology from Goldsmiths for the treatment of students staying in Halls.


You can stay up-to-date with the rent strike by adding yourself to their mailing list, here.