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Goldsmiths Students: we want to talk to you about drugs...

As part of a new SU drugs campaign, Beth Lowe, our Campaigns and Activities Officer, is asking all current Goldsmiths students to fill in the ‘Safe Sesh’ survey. Click here to take part. So why is she launching the campaign and what does she hope to achieve?

‘There is a normalised culture within the UK and particularly in London where drugs are both easily accessible and of increasingly low quality. It is well known that drug use among students is high, yet there is still a taboo that prevents people from speaking openly about them. In 2018, NUS published an in-depth report named ‘Taking the hit,’ which highlights a number of consistent issues across the student community. However, I believe that although this data is helpful in showing the national trends of drug use, the issues at Goldsmiths specifically must be looked at to allow us to most effectively break the taboo and ensure student wellbeing is the focus.

For this campaign to be successful, it must be tailored to the needs of Goldsmiths students. Therefore, it’s vital that I have a comprehensive picture of drug use among the Goldsmiths community. Even if you have never taken illegal recreational drugs, I still want to hear from you. The survey is completely anonymous and I will be using the data to write a report that will go to university council, asking them for money to use on drug-specific training, resources and student support. I will also be using the data to implement necessary changes to campus drug culture, with the aim of moving away from punishment to a more realistic risk-reduction approach.

This campaign will not change the legality of drug taking. Instead, I want to ensure that students who take drugs have access to education, support and wellbeing services that will reduce their risk of harm.’

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