Goldsmiths Film Society: An introduction

Welcome Back Week is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself back into Goldsmiths life and get involved in something new for 2020. With that in mind, we asked Film Society President Niharika Pore to tell us how their society began and what they’ve got planned for the rest of the year….



‘In late October 2018, a group of Visual Cultures students began hosting weekly screenings of new, expansive genres of film. They were already feeling the pressure of oncoming coursework deadlines and wanted a space to feel at ease before heading back out into the bustling RHB corridors.


After that first term, they/we decided to formalise the society within the Students Union as a collaborative, safe space on campus for students from all courses to come together and celebrate cinema. Thus, Goldsmiths Film Society was born.


Now, each week new themes are suggested to help choose the next film to be screened, ensuring a diverse selection that responds to current events and allows each viewer to feel represented. The discussions surrounding film critique, socio-political commentary and the contemporary relevance of cinema that emerge from the screenings are often the most exciting part of the evening.


During the recent University and College Union strike, we wanted to show our solidarity with the striking staff members. In order to maintain maximum-possible accessibility, we selected a film that we felt would educate us on the significance of the strike and the historical role it’s played in securing the rights of workers globally. 



The film chosen was Tout Va Bien, directed by Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin (France, 1972), which explores the aftermath of a workers’ revolt in a sausage factory, touching upon themes of revolt and labour, from both domestic and industrial perspectives. As Goldsmiths students, it fell to us to support the professional staff as they asked for fair pay, and we were truly amazed by the level to which the student body rose to the challenge.


In watching Tout Va Bien with our peers, there was an air of unity that we felt inspired by, and that has pushed us to host more screenings that show such social relevance and political commentary, as means to further these discussions on campus within a safe, non-discriminatory environment.


Film Society has now been running for over a year. This term in particular has proven to us that so many others on campus are just as enthusiastic about cinema as we are, and sharing that passion has been an amazing experience. We have even more screenings lined up for the spring term, our focus (as always) being on diversifying the films we show and reflecting the wider interests of everyone at Goldsmiths.



We’re always happy to receive recommendations from others around the university and look forward to showing as many films as possible over the coming year. We also have some bigger projects coming up, including a collaborative symposium with Visual Cultures Society, that we can’t wait to tell you more about!


If you fancy coming along, all film screenings take place on Thursday evenings at 6pm. For further info on Film Society, please visit our Facebook page, our Instagram account, or email us directly at We look forward to hearing from you!’   


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