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Go on, nominate yourself!

Every year, four new Full-Time Officers are elected to run the Students’ Union: and you could be one of them. This group leads on all aspects of our future, including campaigning work and decision making, to help run a small charity that has a huge impact on students’ lives.

1. It’s a unique opportunity to lead a hugely varied organisation, making a tangible difference to student life at Goldsmiths. There will always be things that you haven’t enjoyed about your Goldsmiths experience, and this is your opportunity to change the things that you think need to be.

2. The Full-Time Officer roles available provide an exciting and rewarding full time paid job for a year. You can run to be a Full-Time Officer as a final year student or take a year out of your studies to take up the role and gain some good experience ahead of graduation. 

3. We’re providing a programme of free support and training - including one on public speaking and communications - that’ll be useful whatever the results. Running an election campaign will build project management skills and confidence that can be used for life after graduation.

4. Officers lead on incredible projects, which in the past have included starting the national campaign against the tampon tax, keeping the campus nursery open, getting the first building on campus named after a woman, improving access to education, opening a Hate Crime Reporting Centre at Goldsmiths, the creation of scholarships for refugees… the list is endless! Your project could be added to this pretty impressive list.

5. Whatever the result, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go, and plenty of experiences, friendships, and skills to gain along the way.

Nominations close at 10pm on Wednesday 26th February. Simply fill out the nomination form here to get involved.