Getting Involved with Student Media: Wired Radio at Bestival

Ahead of this week’s Wired Wednesday (the club night led by our student radio station), we caught up with one of our lucky Wired Radio DJs who got to represent the station at Bestival this year!

Alongside getting valuable experience and airtime as a member of our student radio station, being involved with student media like this provides opportunities to develop partnerships with other stations and DJs, learn new skills and even attend festivals.   

This year, as part of an ongoing partnership with Bestival, we sent three Wired Radio DJs to the boutique festival, which took place at Lulworth Estate in Dorset at the start of September 2017. Wired member Taf Muchenje describes his experience:


"I was very fortunate to be a part of the growing partnership between Bestival, Goldsmiths SU and Wired Radio. Myself and two other Wired Radio presenters were given tickets to go to Bestival this summer to present alongside Goldierocks at the Soho Radio studio.

Our jobs were to go out, have fun and enjoy the new boutique festival whilst also capturing everything that we came across. We interviewed a range of people and were able to capture a real picture of what Bestival means to them. This wasn’t my first Bestival, but this was my first time working at Bestival – and wow what a difference it makes!

From getting food vouchers to walking amongst some serious acts at the Jägerhaus tent where Soho Radio was situated; it really was a great experience. Working with Goldierocks at the Soho Radio studio meant we could get some great tips and advice and watching her at full flow was something that will stick with me forever!

Being in that environment, even for such a short space of time, I have learnt a few tricks and new things that will hopefully help me take my skills as a DJ to another level. On top of this, having the opportunity to mingle with established, music industry professionals was an incredible experience, especially when you’re trying to pursue a career in the industry.

I’d like to thank Bestival, Soho Radio, and Wired Radio for giving me the opportunity. If there is chance for Wired Radio presenters to go again next year, I strongly encourage you all to get your name in there! It was a real eye opener and of course a great addition to your CV. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make contacts for when you are looking to get some experience outside of university.”


Wired Wednesday is a regular club-night hosted at the SU with Wired Radio DJs and special guests. This Welcome Week we present BBC Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart with support from Kelvin van Vuerren, HNRO, Cam + Holloway and Alex de Lacey.

For more details and tickets see our event page here.  

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