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Get involved!

5 ways you can get involved with democracy at Goldsmiths... 


1. Run in the SU Elections

The Full-Time Officer elections take place in March each year and it’s an exciting time in the SU. This is when current Goldsmiths students have the opportunity to run for one of the Full-Time Officer roles. Elected Officers are responsible for inputting ideas, developing campaigns and leading the direction of the Students’ Union. 


2. Get your team in post

If you don’t fancy becoming one of the Full-Time Officers who are paid for a year to run in the role, then make sure that the team you want are in post. You can do this by voting in the elections after hearing the candidates manifestos about what they’d like to do should they be lucky enough to bag the role. 


3. Become an Academic Rep!

We believe that meaningful student participation in academic life includes having a say and being heard on any and every issue that affects you. That’s why we hire Department and Programme Reps to coordinate student feedback at a department and programme level. If you’re keen to represent those on your course or department, we might have a role for you. Read more here. 


4. Take part in Students’ Forum!

This is the democratic forum put in place so that every student can suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union. Any student may propose an amendment and the Union Chair will then decide if the amendment is accepted or not. Voting is open to anyone who is a student at Goldsmiths University - each motion just needs a minimum of 100 students voting to be legitimate. Read more here. 


5. Become a Part-Time Officer

These are student volunteers elected to support specific groups of students and represent their interests. Students are generally elected into these positions at the start of the new academic year.