Get involved in your community

We’ve got a huge list of student-led clubs and societies for you to get involved in here at Goldsmiths but if you feel like spreading your wings outside our little bubble, there are loads of local community groups and initiatives you can get involved with. After all, according to Mind, connecting with others, being active, taking notice (i.e. savouring the moment), learning and giving are the five steps to functioning well in life. So here are our top recommendations… let us know what you think, or if you have any other local groups to add to the list! 


Run to feel good

Run4Rene is a community across London of young people who are passionate about mental health. They aim to create safe spaces where individuals are encouraged to come for a jog, experience the benefits of running and free exercise and to talk openly about their mental health and anything bothering them. They’re not therapists, but they believe that strong community support and peer listening can be a big help to people who are struggling, feel socially isolated or overwhelmed. The group have recently started two new meet-ups in Greenwich Park and Brockwell Park (both on Saturdays at 10am) and welcome new faces of all abilities. 


Volunteer at the cinema  

Deptford Cinema is a not-for-profit volunteer and community-run organisation that makes film accessible and affordable for all. They operate by a non-hierarchical system with all decisions made through consensus decision-making by volunteers - an idea we really rate. If you’ve got an interest in film and have a spare hour or a regular weekly slot to volunteer, there will always be somebody who knows what they’re doing who can pass on their skills. You can pop along to one of their 11am Sunday public meetings to find out more. 


Sing your heart out

You might normally reserve those high notes for the shower when you think no-one else is listening but why waste those talents?! Even if you can’t hold a note, so what… as long as it feels good, that’s all that matters… because singing has been shown to improve our sense of happiness and wellbeing. At the Deptford Community Choir it’s more about the support than the singing - and no experience is necessary. So if you fancy singing songs from different genres in a friendly atmosphere, whilst getting to know other people in your local community, have a look here at their Facebook page for more info! 


Perfect your downward dog

Yoga: it can be a bit marmite… some love it, others hate it… but one thing is for sure, even if you’re not the most flexible, you’ll get ALL the chill vibes and you will see (some) improvement. There are loads of cheap local yoga spots (please note, we do also have our Yoga club here at the SU - so get involved with them first please!) However, if you still haven’t had enough of a yoga fix, or they don’t meet at times that work for you, try More Yoga in Greenwich. They have a cool five classes in five days intro offer for… you guessed it… a fiver. 



Let your ideas go wild!

DIY Space for London, located in south London, just off Old Kent Road, offer low cost creative facilities, meeting rooms and social space as well as space for screenings, talks and performances. They’re always looking for volunteers to help out at their events, be that a screening, gig or talk. You can also sign-up to their mailing list, which will help you find out about volunteering opportunities, and if you’ve got an idea of your own, why not get in touch and see if they can help? 


One for the new year…

The Albany Gardening Club is closed now for winter (but will open again next year – so add this to your diary), if you’re keen to improve your horticultural skills. Gardening is a great stress-buster so get outdoors and learn how to sow seeds and grow edible plants as you help to make the Albany garden a beautiful and relaxing place for everyone. No experience is necessary and all equipment will be provided. Love it!