Four Ways To Earn Some Cash This Summer

It’s that time of year. The student loan payment is dwindling with no installment approaching. You hoped for a far-flung trip abroad but your bank statement looks like it contains too many minuses. You wouldn’t know for sure anyway because you stopped checking weeks ago. You’ve resorted to seeking loose change in the sofa to top-up your Oyster card. If this sounds horribly familiar, then check out our four easy ways to earn something to put in the piggy bank this summer.


Clear out your room

It may be obvious, but do a ruthless sweep of your room and chuck out the unwanted clothes, books and oddities you’ve no doubt amassed this year. It’s more than likely at least some of your cast-offs can be flogged at a local car-boot sale or on eBay.


Summer events

As summer rolls around, opportunities for outdoor events multiply like wasps on an ice lolly. Albeit more pleasant. Think weddings, sports championships, corporate garden parties and flower shows, all of which need vast numbers of people to pull pints in the beer tent, oversee tickets, hand out canapes and generally keep things ticking over.

However, casual work in the hospitality sector is also rife with exploitation so it pays (literally) to know your rights. All workers are entitled by law to earn at least the minimum wage as well as a rest period if your shift is six hours or longer. It’s also illegal for employers to make up the national minimum wage in whole or in part through tips. For more information, check out this guide from NUS.

Tip: To find jobs at summer events check out websites like Gumtree, High Society and e4s.


Put your art up for sale

Have you been producing one-of-a kind arts and crafts all year for your degree? Do you have a portfolio of stunning prints and designs you want to share with the world and get paid for it? Websites such as Etsy offer an online marketplace where creatives sell their wares and build their own unique brand.


Work at a festival

Working a few shifts at a festival is a great way to see the big names without forking out upwards of £200 for a ticket. Jobs on offer may include litter picking, working behind the bar, or on charity campaigns. An added bonus is that staff often get access to perks like a shower, special campsite and phone charging facilities. Bear in mind you will need to pay a deposit beforehand, which can be the price of the festival ticket, to ensure you do your shifts.

Tip: Check out websites such as Hotbox or Festaff for opportunities.