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Food and Drink: Local Area Highlights

If you’re new to Goldsmiths and don’t know South East London well, you’re in for a treat. Here are our some of our favourite places to visit in New Cross and the surrounding area...

Fancy eating out or chilling at home with a takeaway? You’re in luck, because our corner of South East London boasts some truly incredible food. 

If you’re nipping out to buy food close to campus, check out Uncle C’s Juice Bar, which does fantastic juices and smoothies but also more substantial food like their iconic curry chicken with rice, peas and roti. We’re drooling. 

Dom’s Kitchen also does delicious Caribbean food classics like curry goat, stewed peas and honey jerk. It’s delivery only (perfect for pandemic times!) and all food is home-cooked and changes on a weekly basis, so you’ll always be eating fresh.

For those who don’t mind venturing further out to eat, Peckham is only a short bus ride away, and those who have never been should make a pilgrimage to local legend Persepolis, which makes some of the cheapest and most delicious veggie and vegan meals in London. From Persian classics like chickpea fattet to fusion cooking like peanut gumbo (beat still my heart), you honestly cannot go wrong. Warning: Booking in advance (several days in advance!) is strictly advised. It really is that good.

If you’re a coffee fan (and let’s face it, aren’t we all fans of that sweet sweet caffeine!) you’re spoilt for choice in New Cross. Check out Old Spike Roastery, a tiny nook that sells some of the best coffee for miles around. Not only is it in a cute location (you can sip away looking out onto the green expanse of Peckham Rye) but Old Spike is really worth supporting because 65% of the proceeds from every bag of beans and every coffee sold goes towards helping to end homelessness in London. The shop also trains people struggling with homelesness to become baristas. 

If you’re looking for somewhere closer to campus, check out Mughead… it’s only a couple of minutes’ walk away from Goldsmiths, they have a little basement downstairs which is the perfect place to meet friends, and their melted cheese sandwiches and lavish cakes are to die for. It’s a nice study space too, with reliable Wi-Fi and a fair bit of space.

And of course our own personal faves, the SU Bar and Cafe, where every penny of profit made goes back into student services so you're technically making a charitable donation every time you buy a drink!