Feeling tired?

A message from Mona Mounir, our Welfare and Diversity Officer:


During February, the Students’ Union will be running a Quest for Rest project and providing a space for students to temporarily rest between lectures whilst on campus. For many students, especially those with disabilities or chronic pain conditions, being on campus all day can be tiring.


During this period, students will be able to book a one-hour slot on one of two beds in the Liberation Room downstairs in the Students’ Union. This project was proposed by student Laura Dixon, who wanted students with disabilities and pain conditions to have a space to rest on campus to support their studies. The project was generously funded by the Alumni and Friends Fund and has enabled the Students’ Union to buy two beds and some assistive equipment for students to use.


If you would like to book a slot, you just need to bring your student ID to the Welcome Desk in the Students’ Union. The beds will be available for use Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm and can be booked in hour slots.

If you’d like more information, please contact meg@goldsmithssu.org