Extra study spaces to explore…

As many Goldsmiths staff and lecturers begin their eight days of strike action over fair pay and pensions next week, the Library and Students’ Union will no doubt be a lot busier than normal. (For more info on why the strikes are happening and why we, the SU, support the action, click here for more info). 

But while we support the strikes, we also get how frustrating it must be that you will be missing lectures and having your week disrupted. So, rather than waste even more time on that third lap around the Library, why not take the opportunity to check out one of the study spots below for a change of scenery… Let us know if you have any other faves and we can add them to the list. 


Local Cafes

Out Of The Brew - New Cross

Just down the road from Goldsmiths, one of our fave local cafes Out Of The Brew has a little space for you to sit down and crack on with some work. We also really rate how they only use products from local or small businesses. 

Red Lion - New Cross

This modern café with its Scandi furniture and bare breezeblocks is right on the corner of Fordham Park, so you haven’t even got to go that far… There’s speedy wi-fi and lots of snacks and baked goods to keep you going. We’d choose here over a boring chain shop any day. 

The Greenhouse Cafe - Deptford 

The Greenhouse Cafe is just a 10 minute walk from Goldsmiths. This is a great place to grab a drink (the smoothies are awesome) and sit down to do some work. The name is in the tin and the cafe prides itself on keeping things sustainable, local and ethical. It runs it’s business on green renewable energy and use only compostable packaging. We love it! 

Mughead Cafe - New Cross

Just on the doorstep of Goldsmiths, this local cafe has space upstairs and downstairs in the basement. With comfy seats, plenty of plug sockets and the legendary cinnamon swirls, this cafe is the perfect study hub. 

Chinwag Cafe - New Cross 

This gem is opposite Goldsmiths Library. If you want a chilled vibe with good coffee, food and snacks, then this is a great option right on your doorstep. Great for a chinwag, but also as a study spot! 

Birdie Num Nums - New Cross 

Looking for a more old-fashioned and quirky vibe? Birdie Nums Nums is right opposite Goldsmiths Library, which has cutest teapot and cup sets. Plenty of tables and food too! 

The Brockley Deli - Brockley 

The Brockley Deli is a 20 minute walk from Goldsmiths or 5 mins from Brockley Station. This a great cafe with charging points, a relaxed/chilled environment and great coffee and snack options. 

Browns of Brockley - Brockley 

This cafe is a 25 minute walk from Goldsmiths or a one minute walk from Brockley Station. This is a great little cafe with amazing coffee and delicious homemade sandwiches! 

The Broca - Brockley 

A colourful and vibrant local coffee shop a 25 minute walk from Goldsmiths or one minute walk from Brockley Station. It’s the best place for a glorious soya flat white, a gluten free brownie or sourdough cheddar toastie! Oh and to do some work of course… 

Local Libraries

Lewisham Library - Lewisham 

Just a short bus journey from New Cross, you can access a nifty, local library full of community feeling. You’re also right in the heart of Lewisham’s town centre, so there are food options right around the corner! 

Peckham Library - Peckham 

This local library also has a real community vibe with 70 study spaces, refreshments and free wifi! Want to get lots of work done in a quiet environment? This is the place to be. 

Deptford Lounge - Deptford

If you’re an evening crammer then head to the Deptford Lounge (a 15-min walk away) as it’s open until 10pm on weekdays. In the library, which sits at the heart of the Lounge, you can browse the bookshelves, study, make use of the free wi-fi or relax with a paper. There are two computer suites available plus a combination of macs and PCs. They also offer a 10% discount on hire space for students.

West Greenwich Library - Greenwich

A 20 minute bus journey from New Cross, this library has free wifi, computer access and study spaces! It also has its own art gallery which displays the work of local artists on a rolling programme. What better way to break up your studying by going to check out some local art work? 

Canada Water Library - Canada Water 

Just a short overground journey from New Cross, this local library has internet access, a Culture Cafe and study spaces available from 8am-8pm! 


Slightly further afield

The South London Gallery 

Camberwell is home to the South London Gallery (a 15-min bus journey or half hour stroll away). Attached to the gallery is The Habit Café. While it’s quite a small space, it can be a relaxing spot to crack on with your work during the day, plus students get 10% off on food and drink. 

Tate Modern 

The Tate Modern has tonnes of working space… plus you can also take a look around one of the free exhibitions while you’re there. With free wifi, a charging point and a decent cup of coffee to get your work done, what more can you need? Open 10am - 6pm and 10am - 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

The Barbican Library

Head to the Barbican and you’ll find random tables handily sited next to powerpoints and the free wifi which reaches into most corners. You could also take a break and explore the incredible indoor gardens if they’re open. We know where we’d rather be… 

National Theatre 

Head to the National Theatre on Southbank where there are a range of cafes, sofas and plug sockets inside. While taking a break, you can even enjoy the riverside views of London!

The British Library 

Not only is it one of the largest and most comprehensive research collections in existence that you can use for your research and essay work, you can also head there to study in one of the many booths, cafes or study rooms! 

The BFI Reuben Library 

The BFI Reuben Library sits on the riverside of London and has great study spaces and material. If you want to get some serious, quiet studying done - this is the place! 


We hope our guide has been a useful resource. Don’t forget if you have any questions or queries about the strikes, we’re here to help! Email us on strikes@goldsmithssu.org and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.