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Enough is enough

enough is enough enough is enough



Please submit a complaint and/or appeal!

We are calling out to all students affected by the College's delays in results release, extenuating circumstances and strike compensations. 

In order to hold the institution to account, we need the assistance of all students. Links and guides are below.

The forced centralisation of administration at Goldsmiths has failed all students across the board, including new first years. It has caused a chain effect on students’ lives, including and beyond progression, wellbeing and financial issues in the midst of a cost of living crisis. This is one of many instances in which the institution has prioritised corporate interests over the needs of students. We question any talk of long term strategy when the community of students and staff are consistently being used as pawns in an industrial marketisation game. 

We have had enough. 

Whether you are a graduating or continuing student, if you are in any way affected by: 

  • Delays in processing results

  • Delays in processing extenuating circumstances

  • Strike compensations 

Please submit a formal complaint and/or appeal! This will help us present our already very strong case that the new centralised structure cannot and does not support anyone. 

In your complaint, please consider reflecting the extent to which you have been affected. This may include (but is not limited to): 

Progression Impact

Wellbeing Impact

Financial Impact

Delays to enrolment or inability to enrol


Unable to plan work schedule(s) therefore unable to earn an adequate income

Incorrect marks/grades 


Unable to access Student Financing (whether through SFE or otherwise), Scholarship funding, etc. 

Unable to access personalised timetable

Lack of communication 

Unable to afford accommodation, transport, bills and/or livelihood due to delays in accessing finances

Technical issues due to delays in processing e.g. unable to access VLE/College email, etc. 

Long wait/processing times

Increased costs of living, including mental and physical healthcare costs 

Unable to access final transcripts 

Unable to access student support e.g. RASAs, ECs

International students - costs or issues to process visa, CAS, etc.

Putting career or further education on hold as a result of the extensive delays and trauma

Mental and physical health 


International students - delays to access the graduate route visa


Here’s what you can do: 


Time and time again, the College has failed us. We do not agree with the structure of the College, complaints or appeals process. However, it is important that as many affected students are in the system as possible as it allows action and escalation to be taken. 

Goldsmiths Students’ Union is separate from the Goldsmiths College itself. Unfortunately, we cannot directly solve these issues as we do not control the institutional processes. However, please be assured that we are continually escalating and advocating for students. We will continue to be in touch with you when any actions come to us. 

Your 22/23 sabb team