Elections 2019

Why Should You Stand?


One of our aims at Goldsmiths Students’ Union is to be the leading Union for Liberation. If you self-identify as BME, LGBTQ+, Disabled, or a Woman then we want you to stand in the elections and represent students!


While 60% of our student population identifies as BME, our BME candidate turnout in our last Spring elections was only just over 40%. If you self-identify as BME and want to ensure that your Union is fully representative, then you should stand for election.


Our last Student Assembly saw two motions passed about accessibility on campus and accessibility information on promotional materials. If making sure that Goldsmiths Students’ Union is inclusive to disabled students and making the life of disabled students at Goldsmiths as comfortable as possible, then this is something that you can help to lead on if you are elected in.


Another motion passed at the last Student Assembly was about the Trans Day of Remembrance and Trans Awareness Week. Both of these have now become policy for the Students’ Union to hold events for as part of the Union’s liberation calendar. As an elected Officer you would be able to help lead on them and other similar LGBTQ+ events.


66% of our student population identify as female and in our spring elections last year we had a female candidate turn out of 50%. If you self-identify as a woman and would like to see more women representing students within the Union, then why not put yourself forward and be that person?


If you self-identify into a liberation group and are interested in standing or want to find out more then go to https://www.goldsmithssu.org/democracy/elections/