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Donate to and amplify the voices of organisations tackling systematic racism

The protests against police brutality and the recent unjust murders have mobilised millions to take action against racism. Donating to and amplifying the voices of the charities and organisations attempting to tackle systemic racism is a great way to show your support... 


Green and Black Cross are an independent grassroots project. They were set up in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity to support autonomous social struggles within the UK.

Justice for Belly Mujinga. She was a railway worker who was made to work at London Victoria station during the pandemic who was spat on by a commuter infected with Covid-19. Sign the petition here. 

- QTIBIPOC Hardship Fund (UK). KQTIBIPOC Emergency Relief & Hardship Fund. Donate here. 

The Love Land Foundation - therapy fund/organisation for women and girls. Donate here.


- Asai (fashion brand). They will be producing made to order dresses and will be donating full amount to @blklivesmatter @solacewomensaid @thevoiceofdomesticworkers 

Order: email / @asaitakeaway


- George Floyd. Sign the campaign here and donate here.


- Sav Souza. Doing something incredible with @gc2b - Each donation helps fund a binder match with a trans/+ gender non-conforming person in need as well as all money donated to Minnesota Freedom Fund


- National Bail Out - Free Black Mamas. Helping women with bail to get out of jail. Donate here. 


- The Marshall Project - Justice for Breonna Taylor. 


- Justice for Ahmaud. Sign this petition. 


- Black-Owned Business Relief Fund (US). This fundraiser is in support of Black Owned Businesses in various cities that have been affected by the recent protests for justice of the murder of George Floyd. Thankfully, this money can help support Black business owners and help them rebuild their businesses. Many Black business owners are mourning with the community, seeking justice for George Floyd and the many other Black lives that have been taken, and having to rebuild their businesses in the midst of it. Donate here. 


- Support Black Lives. Loads of links on how to donate to local businesses as well as other useful funds you can support. 


Mentivity UK. An organisation for young people through mentoring and education. 


- Black Lives Matter. Donate here. 


No White Saviours. An advocacy campaign led by a majority female, majority African team of professionals based in Kampala, Uganda. 


- Where Change Started. They're working on sustainable social change through action with intention and a commitment to no longer treat racism like it is someone else's problem.


- Soul 2 Soul Sisters: A womxn-led, racial justice organization focused on #Blackhealing and #Blackliberation


- Goals 4 Girls: Supporting young girls through football and education in London. Donate here. 


- Anti Racist Research and Policy Center


- The Conscious Kid is an education, research and policy organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth. 


MPower Change is a #Muslim-led grassroots movement working to build social, spiritual, racial, and economic justice for all.