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Department Rep update!

Your Department Reps have continued to attend their online monthly Rep Meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic to share updates and find common areas of student feedback. These have been broken down into three main areas: student support, learning and teaching, and international and immigration. We thought we’d share some of the findings from the recent meetings with you now...


Student Support 

- Many students support the removal of the Deptford Town Hall statues

- There are potential issues about ‘braver’ and ‘louder’ students receiving more support and access to staff than ‘shy’ students. So we’d like to find out if the College can advise departments about what can be done regarding this

- The Hardship Fund - some students have been waiting for one month for a response

- Lots of questions about the Library access and the fact that there’s not enough space normally, let alone with any kind of social distancing measures in place


Learning and teaching 

- There are lots of concerns about the online teaching quality and also the fact that in some departments teaching days are too long

- Many students are concerned about alternatives to placements which were not possible this year 

- Third years in practice-based courses are worried about degree shows 


International and Immigration 

- Issues with online classes and international students in different time zones 

- International students are worried about returning to the UK since TB testing would need to occur, however it would be more difficult since most of the hospitals who can conduct those tests have been reworked for Covid-19.


The positives

While many comments were suggestions for things that could be improved, there was also some positive feedback. For example, certain departments have been great at communicating with students, making sure that adapted marking procedures have been clarified and some lecturers have also been sharing BLM resources for students.  


The above is just a snapshot of some of the discussions Department Reps have had, however we hope it shows you the kinds of things that we, the SU, will be working on in the coming weeks and reporting back to the College to hopefully make improvements. 

...And if being a Rep sounds like something you’d like to get involved with… we’re recruiting! Click here for more info.