December Student Assembly: Round Up

The final Student Assembly of 2017 was held in the Students’ Union Cafe on Thursday 7th December, and was chaired by Joe Williams.

To start the evening the winners of the NUS delegate elections were announced:

JT (Joseph Tema) and Amal Bider were elected as Goldsmiths Students’ Union’s delegates to NUS conference in March 2018. (Find the full election results here).

Officer Updates

Following this were some brief updates from the Part Time Officers who introduced themselves and their roles. The Full Time Officers then explained what they have been up to since October, with an apology sent from Eva, Union President who was unable to attend due to illness. Find each of the monthly Full Time Officer reports online here.

Three motions were submitted by students in advance, as well as two amendments both submitted by Full Time Officers. These were discussed and voted on by the students who attended, and two of three motions were passed:

Motions Passed

  • Combating Islamophobia.

  • Continued support for Eritrean refugees as well as other refugees.

Motions Not Passed

  • Referendum on Leaving the National Union of Students (NUS).

Solidarity Motion

There was also a Solidarity Motion put forward on the day to support the anti-slavery march on Libya that took place on Belgrave Square on Saturday 9th December, this motion was passed.

For the full minutes from the Assembly, please see this document.

The next Student Assembly will take place on Thursday 25th January 2018.

Please visit the Student Assembly page for more information on how to submit a motion.