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Beat those January blues!

It's Blue Monday next week, which is, according to psychologists, officially the most depressing day of the year. So, if you’re already feeling those ‘second term blues’ this might be why! Getting the most out of the second term relies on being as motivated and organised as you were for the first. That means there’s no better time to set goals and get involved with new events or projects - starting the year off as you mean to go on. Here are six ideas to help you make it through the month...

1. Get moving 

Exercise is good for the mind and body as it boosts your energy levels and is an awesome release for mental stress. Rather than getting caught up with an expensive gym membership, why not join GoldRunners who meet every Thursday at 6pm. Or you could try your hand at cheerleading or salsa… the possibilities are endless!

Pic: @sheisontheway

2. Volunteer 

Volunteering or joining a society gives you a distraction from work as well as transferable skills for your CV. It’s also a great way to meet people outside of your normal social circumstances. You can find ongoing and one-off roles through the university at CareerSPACE, click here for more info. 

3. Get crafty 

Dipping your toe into something new is a sure-fire way of achieving that feel-good buzz, so why not give knitting a shot? After all, it’s proven to boost your mood. According to experts, it can help you feel more in control of the world around you as it’s a rhythmic craft so it releases serotonin and dopamine and induces a feeling of calm. Get in touch with the Happy Calm Knitting Society today.

4. Try something new! 

Combat the blues by joining a new club or society. Our student-led groups bring like-minded people together to share an interest, culture or activity. Check out the list here. They’re an easy and cheap way (many are free) to get involved in the Goldsmiths community, meet new people and gain skills. Have a read here of a blog post by Niharika (pictured below), the Goldsmiths Film Society President, about why they think joining a society is so worthwhile.

5. Make a realistic plan… then schedule some ‘me’ time!

If you’re worrying about money and are thinking about getting a part-time job, head over to the Career Service for some advice on interviews and CV prep. Sometimes, though, you really do just need a hot bath, a bar (or 10!) of chocolate, Netflix and a decent sofa… don’t put it off, embrace it.

6. Seek advice

If you’re feeling very low and are struggling with everyday life, make sure you ask for help and talk to someone. Have a read of the university support pages and book in a meeting with a Goldsmiths Wellbeing Advisor, or someone from the emergency and crisis support or counselling team.

Do you have any tips for beating the January blues? Let us know your tips and tricks!