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Be clear, be catchy, be ambitious...

If you’re running to be a Full-Time Officer, the best way to get elected will be by speaking to students about your ideas. Your manifesto (essentially a document containing all the things you want to achieve if elected) lets students know what you stand for and what you’d like to do. Here are our top tips for a great manifesto…


Be clear and concise

It’s great to have lots of ideas but don’t clutter your manifesto. It’s better to have three to five main ideas that you’d like to work on, rather than trying to squeeze in lots of text. You have 600 words available for your manifesto on the SU website, so use them wisely and let people know what you stand for.


Be catchy

Thinking of a slogan or having a theme for your manifesto and campaign is a great way to stand out. But don’t worry if you’ve not got a name that can be easily turned into a pun – eye-catching colours, designs and ideas will have the same impact.


Be ambitious but realistic

The Full-Time Officers work to make the lives of Goldsmiths students better. You might have loads of ideas for things that would make life at Goldsmiths better, but think about which ones will have the most impact, and how you’d achieve these in one year. You’ll get lots of support from Union staff to achieve your goals, but being realistic with what you can achieve is important.


Be relevant

Think about what position you’re running for and make sure that your manifesto reflects the role. If you’re running to be Education Officer but write a whole manifesto about sports clubs, students might think you’ve got confused about which role you want.


Be realistic and tangible

When people vote, they think about whether they trust the candidate. If your promises aren’t possible, students will know. If your manifesto is too vague, students won’t have anything to believe in or feel passionate about.


Be creative

Each candidate can upload 600 words of text to the SU website, but that’s just the start. You can also upload a campaign video, embed pictures and gifs, and link out to your social media sites or another website. Every candidate has the same opportunity to upload a manifesto, so use your space to be as creative as possible and stand out.


Remember, your manifesto is about you and not about your opponents. Avoid discrediting or disrespecting others.


If you do decide to stand for election, we’ll be running Candidate Training sessions through the week commencing Thursday 27th February (see all the dates on this page) with loads of top tips on how to run a great campaign. Good luck!