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Back on the field

Sporting updates for Goldsmiths students

After a tough couple of years, the Goldsmiths student sport scene is coming back strong.

This week, we've got updates from three clubs: Cheerleading, Badminton and Taekwondo.



The start of the year was tough but recruitment was very good at the Welcome Fair and we've managed to get a strong team together with the help of our fantastic coach Liz.

Piecing our competition routine has been especially difficult as many members are new to Cheer, however the commitment of the team has enabled us to really push through the literal blood, sweat, and tears in these past few months, and we are feeling more confident than ever about our routine.

Our first competition is this Sunday (20th Feb) and we also have Varsity coming up in March which we are all very excited for.

We are ready to smash these comps and are aiming to win first place in all of these and defend our National Championship title!

Photograph of a cheerleading squad in a formation, standing on each others' shoulders


I was really unsure about how the club would go this year, not having a team for the past 2 seasons due to the pandemic.

Surprisingly we had an amazing turnout with over 40 members joining our club this year!

We now even have the opportunity to send some of our better players to compete in BUCS Nationals this weekend in Sheffield.

We are told this is the first time a badminton team will be representing Goldsmiths in this event so we are all excited and aiming to do our best!

Aleksander Kirsten, President (BSC Computer Science)

Photograph of the badminton team in yellow jerseys, standing outside the Goldsmiths building


Like many other clubs it was a tricky start to the year because we didn't have the continuity necessary to help students transition into Taekwondo.

But as always our partnership with Aquila who coach our club, has been amazing and we now have a solid team who train regularly and compete.

Last term one of our members won a silver medal in the BUCS Autumn Championships and we are now preparing for the next series of competitions.

We will be sending 8 members of our team to the next big tournament which is the BUCS Winter Championships in Nottingham this weekend and getting ready to compete in Varsity next month against the University of Arts for the first time which we are all excited for.

Although we have a strong competitive element to our club we also have sessions for students who just want to train and meet new people too so there is a nice social element to the team and are always looking for new members!

Bilaal Darwish-Mohammed, President (3rd Yr Law)

Photograph of taekwondo participants standing in a circle