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BIG thanks to our Reps!

As we recruit for our new Departmental Student Coordinators (previously known as Department Reps), for the year ahead, we thought this would be a nice opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to those who were in the roles last year...

While it was a crazy, weird year, with strikes and a pandemic alongside the usual stresses of university life, our Reps were there the whole way through, doing everything they could to represent and support their departments. So what did they get up to? 

From arranging departmental events, chatting to students and collecting feedback, they were all constantly thinking about potential improvements and optimisations for their course - so no two days were the same!

We know that some undergraduate departments faced issues with communication, but fortunately the Reps were there to help deal with these miscommunications and misunderstandings. They also collated feedback from students about their teaching experiences and worked with tutors to address issues with the VLE.

Simple things such as starting WhatsApp Groups for their departments, so students could pass on important information, made such a vital difference.

Some organised social outings and reading groups, while others worked on accessibility needs for students with English as their second language. They also addressed issues with timetables that didn’t always accommodate part-time work very well.

Alongside this, their work has also culminated in the Student Voice Project 2020 which focused on three key issues across the university, as voted for by the Reps for being of the utmost importance to students: Mental Health, the BME Experience and Student Employability. The purpose of the report was to provide feedback to the college about the student experience pertaining to these three key issues. You can check out that report here

So for all those 70 Reps that worked with us in the SU last year… on behalf of our SU team and every single student that you helped last year, thank you!  ??


*We are still recruiting for the Design, Education and STaCS department (loose vacancies). All the vacancies that are left are updated here.