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Are you taking part in Veganuary?

If you’ve gone cold turkey and are embracing Veganuary this year, then good for you as it’s a great way to dip your toes into the vegan lifestyle. From vegan versions of junk food faves to offerings headed to a supermarket near you, here are some newly-released products that will perk up your Veganuary!


Mighty Pea (Barista Edition)

Who? Mighty Pea

Where? Sainsbury’s, M&S, Holland & Barrett

Split pea milk is the new kid on the block! Loaded with protein, and containing 50% more calcium and 50% less sugar than cow’s milk, it’s well on the way to becoming our plant-based milk of choice in 2020. 

Mighty Pea have released their Barista Edition (augmenting their original blend with oats for a creamier, coffee-ready texture) in time for Veganuary. 

The quest for a vegan milk that provides perfect froth and foam can seem never-ending for textured milk lovers, but Mighty Pea Barista Edition does the job nicely. Flat white lovers will not be disappointed.


Meatless Steak Bake

Who? Greggs

Where? Greggs

Their vegan sausage roll took the world by storm (and increased sales by 13.4%) so it’s no surprise that Greggs are moving onto bigger and better things… in fact, they’ve got a whole range of new vegan treats lined up for us this year.

The first of these is their meatless steak bake, made from bespoke Quorn, onions and vegan gravy under layered puff pastry. It’ll cost £1.55 and will be released around mid-January, so stay tuned!


Specially Selected Vegan Parcels

Who? Aldi

Where? Aldi

This year Aldi have released their own range of vegan food for Veganuary, and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. Our favourite product is the hand-made pastry parcels (£2.99 for two), available in BBQ Jackfruit and Spicy Firecracker Vegetable. They’re the perfect side dish for a vegan meal, but equally good as snacks.

And while you’re there, don’t miss the chance to pick up one of their new vegan pizzas. Choose between BBQ Jackfruit, Spicy Cauliflower or ‘Bacon’ & Mushroom - and at £1.75 each, they’re a steal. 


The Impostor Burger

Who? KFC

Where? KFC

Vegans rejoice! KFC trialled the Impostor Burger last year to great success and finally they’re releasing it for good.

The Quorn-based Impostor has already garnered rave reviews from vegans, with many describing it as indistinguishable from its chicken counterpart. It’s made with the same herb and spice mix as classic KFC, and its vegan mayo topping has also received high praise, with many describing it as the best fast food vegan mayo they’ve had.

It’s not particularly cheap at £3.99 but definitely worth a try...


Miso Mushroom Vegan Rolls 

Who? Higgidy

Where? Waitrose, Sainsbury’s

2019 was the year of the vegan sausage roll, and Higgidy have released a premium version to coincide with Veganuary.

Their chestnut and porcini mushroom rolls are wrapped in puff pastry and topped with crispy seaweed and kale crumb - a hearty meal for those drizzly January days. These are some of the classiest sausage rolls you’ll find in the supermarket, and at just £2.60 for six, they’re a bargain. 

They’ve also released a limited-edition Aubergine & Spinach Masala Pie for £3.90… so get in there while you can!


Sheese and Red Onion Crisps

Who? Kettle

Where? Budgens, Tesco, Morrisons

If you’re pining for cheese and onion this Veganuary, you’re in luck! Crisp giant Kettle have collaborated with vegan chefs Henry Firth and Ian Theasby to create a new crisp flavour -  Sheese & Red Onion - which costs £1.99 for a big bag.

It’s made with Red Leicester-style Sheese, which is complemented by the caramelised taste of the red onion for the perfect savoury snack taste. Yassss.


Red Pepper & Pesto Veggie Dippers

Who? McDonalds

Where? McDonalds

The one we’ve all been waiting for. Maccies have finally released a fully vegan version of their famous chicken dippers and we’re so ready. Made with blended red pepper and sundried tomato pesto, coated in breadcrumbs, 

You can get 4 for £3.29 and it’s also available as part of The Veggie Wrap and The Spicy Veggie One meals.