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A spotlight on… the First Love Community at Goldsmiths

We caught up with the President, Adassa, who is also an MA student studying Literature of the Caribbean and its Diasporas… 



How and why did you decide to set up the First Love Community at Goldsmiths?

I first heard about First Love Community at a Freshers Fair at London Southbank University as an extension of a youth church and I thought it would be great to set up a community at Goldsmiths too! My role at the moment is President, so I make sure that the meetings and the community are running smoothly and all information is put out on social media platforms to get as many people involved in the community. Our motto is ‘Loving God and loving others’, which is something we want everyone to know.


How and when do you meet? 

We meet every Wednesday on Zoom at 7pm and at the moment there are about 10 or so of us but we’re praying on growing! We have services on Wednesdays where the Word of God is preached and we invite everyone who may or may not be religious, who may have questions about their faith or who want to grow in their faith to come along. We also have events such as trivia nights, games nights and movie nights too! I would sum it up by saying First Love Community is a family, it’s exciting and it’s mood-changing!


What was your fave event from last year with the First Love Community?

Probably the Welcome Fair! Looking back in hindsight the freedom to talk to everyone without fear of Covid, sunny days lounging on the grass... it was perfect! Another best moment was First Love going on a River Thames boat ride - sensational! We also held two games nights this past academic year and they were well attended and loved by everyone. It was a chance for people to make new friends and find their competitive streak too! 


Why would you recommend new students get involved with a community while at Goldsmiths? 

I would highly recommend students to get involved in societies and communities not only for the fun you will also have the opportunity to establish friendships with people you may have never thought to speak to normally. Living in such a multicultural city allows us the opportunity to experience so much, and joining clubs pushes us to do that. It’s also a great confidence booster too.


What have you learnt from being President of the society?

That I am stronger than I thought I was! This year has been tough on all of us, 2020 has been somewhat of a disaster movie but by the grace of God we are all still here! That shows resilience and strength to fight and push through to the other side. Being in my current job I’ve seen that resilience is important in order to advance.


If you'd like to get in touch to find out more, students can contact Adassa via Facebook or email - Adassa Mwangi on Facebook and