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A message from Gold Rent Strike and Fee Strike...

This week (w/c 26th April) Gold Rent Strike x Gold Fees Strike are holding a WEEK OF ACTION to act as a show of strength to Senior Management and make it clear their movements are not going away until demands are met. It will finish with a RALLY on the Goldsmiths green on Sunday the 2nd of May.

There is more information available on the event Facebook link here.

Gold Rent Strike and Fee Strike are collectively withholding hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of rent and tuition fees because of the mismanagement and exploitation students have endured during the pandemic (and for a long time before).

Goldsmiths SMT have promised to stop threatening striking students with evictions and course withdrawal proceedings whilst negotiations are underway - however they have not stuck to this promise. They have lied time and time again about how they will protect their students.

The week will be calling on members of Goldsmith’s Community Solidarity to talk about some of the other action that is going on at the university right now and how we can extend our network support. We are looking for more members of the Lewisham and New Cross community to get involved. 

Come have a chat and get involved on Monday and Sunday. We will be handing out goodie bags!

It will be a week to mobilise, socialise and support one another. We want to build strength in the movements and push SMT to meet all the student demands. 

Please keep your eyes peeled for further updates on the week - you can follow the Facebook event and socials for this.


The Week of Action Organising Team 

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Gold Rent Strike -


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