6 reasons why you should attend Welcome Fair!

In our humble opinion, the Welcome Fair (Weds 25th & Thurs 26th September) is the perfect opportunity to launch you into the Goldsmiths student way of life. Here’s six reasons why we think you should attend…


1. Join a club or society

Are you passionate about hockey, hip-hop…history?! Well at Welcome Fair you’ll have the chance to join one of the 100+ student groups we have on offer at the SU. You can ask questions from members of each club and society, as well as signing up right there and then. Joining a student group is a great way to explore your interests or discover new ones. It’ll also help you meet people, which leads us on the next point… 



2. Make new friends

The Welcome Fair is a great place to meet lots of new people outside of your course. With all the events and activities we have planned, you definitely won’t be short of company. Come along with your new housemate or on your own - either way, you will get to meet lots of likeminded people, which will only maximise your university experience. Let all the WhatsApp groups commence!


3. Get your discounts

As a student you’ll be doing everything you can to save those pennies – we feel you! Fortunately, there will be tonnes of student-friendly companies at the Fair ready to shower you with their products! So, if you like a freebie, you’ve come to the right place - grab your new tote bag and stuff it full with pens, stress balls, water bottles and much more.


4. Grab a tote bag

On that note, make sure you pick up your free Welcome Week tote bag, which was this year created by Megan Evans, one of our design students. (A huge congrats and ‘well done’ to her). After all, something to put all your freebies in is essential. We promise you these are hot property as they’ll be ideal for carrying your books and lunch around in all year long…


5. Meet your Officers

Goldsmiths SU is democratically led - by you! This gives you the opportunity to shape the work we do to improve your university experience and create everlasting change. Every year you elect Full and Part-Time Officers to represent your views. This year, your Full Time Officers are Joe (President), Mona (Welfare and Liberation), Beth (Campaigns and Activities) and Lauren (Education). At the Welcome Fair you will be able to put faces to names and find out more about the projects they’re working on and how you can get involved.

6. Quiet hour

Starting somewhere new might feel quite overwhelming for lots of people. If this is the case, then we don’t want the hustle and bustle of the Welcome Fair to stop you from missing out on the fun, so we’re doing our best to eliminate those woes. The final hour (3-4pm) of both days will be ‘quiet hour’ where stalls will turn their music down and noise will be reduced to help anyone with auditory, sensory or other needs to access the Fair.