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5 tips for budgeting at University...

Uni can be tough financially. Getting to grips with budgeting and financial planning for the first time is daunting, and if you’re not in contact with your parents, or they’re unable/unwilling to lend you money, ‘the bank of Mum and Dad’ isn’t an option to bail you out. Here are 5 things you can do to help manage money at uni...


1. Get a student bank account

Banks offer accounts specifically designed for students, and they’re well worth having. Benefits including free stuff (from travel cards to headphones) and interest-free loans that can boost your credit score. Have a read of Save The Student’s article on the best student bank accounts of 2020, which will help you to weigh up different options and choose the best for you


2. Check out what support is available through the College

The College’s Financial Support webpage is a super helpful resource if you’re having financial problems that specifically relate to being a student. If you’re struggling to pay your tuition or Goldsmiths accommodation fees, this is the place for you! They also provide information about the Student Hardship Fund and offer other services, like helping students who need rent guarantors.


3. Sign up to Blackbullion

Blackbullion is an online tool that’s designed to help students manage their money - and as a Goldsmiths student, you have free access to it. Not only is Blackbullion really simple to use, it also gives you access to academic funds, bursaries and scholarships you might be able to apply for. It’s recommended by the College too, so definitely worth checking out.


4. Apply for a charity grant

If you’re really stuck and need some money, you can apply for a grant from a charity. Turn2Us gives charitable donations to students going through hardship, and they also signpost to a lot of other good welfare sources. They have a quick and easy calculator so that you can work out if you’re eligible.


5. Visit the Student Centre

Providing financial advice for students is one of the things that the Student Centre specialises in. You can ask them questions about ways to save money as well as budgeting and debt. You can email them via