5 reasons why you should join a society

Here’s why Aymen Babar, a third-year marketing student, thinks joining a club, society or community is so beneficial…


1. It gives you a focus

‘Societies are basically groups of like-minded students who get together to share their interests. When I joined Goldsmiths, I loved how colourful and vibrant it felt, but there didn’t seem to be a society that reflected me, so I started my own – the Pakistani Society. I wanted the focus to be about promoting the rich culture Pakistan holds.’


2. You develop a sense of community

‘I was so chuffed when my society was approved that I started planning and getting other people involved straight away. My ultimate aim was to bring people together from all walks of life through cultural and social events. It’s been hard work at times, but ultimately I’ve been able to create a community of my own.'


3. You can get involved in and run your own events

‘Over the course of the year we held 16 events. One of our biggest was a Qawwali night (Qawwali is a form of traditional devotional music) and we served food and refreshments alongside. We also ran events for Pakistani Awareness Week, including a collaboration with the Uni Boob society which supports the charity Coppafeel, and we got involved with the International Food Fair. Our events have been so successful that we won three SU Awards!’



4. You learn new skills

‘I’ve learnt about time management, project management and event planning. It’s also been eye-opening to see how different people work. Most importantly, I’ve developed my self-confidence – I find it easier to do presentations now, which helps me academically. It’s been a big commitment but these skills will help me run a business in the future, which is what I plan to do.’


5. You meet loads of new people

‘Being part of a society means you’re never alone as there’s always something else to organise, in fact there are around 80 people in our Pakistani Society group chat! It’s been fun but a lot of work, which is why I’ve stepped down as President for my final year. I’m going to continue as an advisor though, which just shows how much I love it.’


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