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5 reasons… to join the Fashion Society

With Welcome Back Week just around the corner, maybe it’s time to get involved with a new society, community or sports team? We asked Goldsmiths Fashion Society President Ayla Mahmood to tell us why you should join their society. For more information about what they get up to, have a read here.


‘One of the best aspects of being at Goldsmiths has to be the range of societies you can join. Not only are you able to spend time pursuing your particular passions, but it’s a convenient and enjoyable way to meet new people and be a part of a community. The Fashion Society in particular has truly brought together a range of friendly students, who have an interest in all things related to fashion. So, without further ado, here are five reasons you should join our society:


1. You can practice your skills / passions that you have 

Many students who join this society have skills that they’ve been working on and enjoy doing, such as photography, film, modelling, styling, event planning, advertising and more. It’s an amazing opportunity to work on these skills (such as through photoshoots, modelling in the yearly fashion show, or filming events) without any pressure.



2. You’ll make new friends who you probably wouldn’t meet otherwise 

We know it can be difficult to meet people from different courses at uni, and especially those in other years. However, the great thing about this society is it brings together diverse students, of different ages and from different courses. Everyone is always super friendly (despite the somewhat pretentious reputation regarding people working in fashion have), and close friendships have been formed. 


3. You don’t need any prior experience

Despite a fair amount of people who have skills that they want to practice, many members genuinely just have an interest in fashion, and you can still easily participate and help plan out events without the ‘experience’. 


4. Fashion isn’t offered in Goldsmiths, so it’s a way to be a part of something that you’re interested in...

Despite Goldsmith’s being well-known for its arts and general creativity, fashion isn’t offered as a course here, so this society is an outlet for that. 



5. It’s good for your CV! 

We know many members who’ve said they’ve included the Fashion Society in their CV, especially those who’ve had an active role in the society. Whether you’d like to pursue a future career in fashion, or anything else creative, listing this society on your CV certainly can help.’


*The Fashion Society are hosting their Clothing Swap event at Deptford Town Hall next Tuesday (21st January). For more info, please click here.