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5 careers podcasts you NEED to check out!

Let's face it - a literal pandemic is a difficult time to be looking for work! We've picked 5 great carers podcasts that will give you advice and inspo as well as help sustain you during the job hunt, whatever your dream career!


Let's Get You A F**ckin Job

Clue's in the name! It's a careers podcast hosted by Gemma Stephenson and Sarah Finley as they explore how challenging it is to graduate during a pandemic. Each week they speak to someone who graduated during the 2008 recession and find out what it's really like to climb the career ladder when times are tough. They also speak to different experts each week - exploring how you can stand out to employers. The first episode also features an ex Goldsmiths student - Alex, who is now a freelance video producer. Go check it out!


The Next Normal

If you're anxious about what COVID-19 might mean for your career after graduation, this is the one for you! Run by Chris Webb and Helen Armitage from the Careers and Employability Service at Sheffield Hallam Uni, and specifically tailored to students and recent grads, this podcast explores how you can combat fear and push forwards in a climate where job prospects might feel scarily thin on the ground.



Adulting can mean so many different things to different people - and the podcast Adulting really leans into that. Writers, influencers, mindfulness experts and other people who have their sh*t together in various different ways are interviewed about everything from glow-ups to the education system to intersectionality. This one isn't specifically about how to get a job, but it'll help you be a happier and saner person while you hunt for one!


Wanna Be

It's rare to hear successful people talk about things that are holding them back - which is why this podcast, hosted by Imrie Morgan, is such a refreshing change. On Wanna Be, guests talk about things that are getting in the way of their development, be it professional or personal. This is the the perfect way to get you thinking about what might be stopping you from being where you wanna be.


Black Women Working

This careers podcast is designed to centre Black women's experiences in the workplace. They describe their goal as 'providing support, advice and inspiration for other Black women' and we think that's spot-on! Guests speak openly about their careers and how they progressed, tackled discrimination and stayed authentically themselves.


Do you have any other faves? Let us know and we'll add them to the list!