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10 ways to empower women this month...

The purpose of Women’s History Month, which we celebrate in March, is to raise and empower women by discovering, documenting and celebrating their lives and achievements. Why is it so important? First and foremost, women’s history is also human history and secondly, well women are just killing it and they deserve to be celebrated.
Throughout the centuries, many courageous women have stepped forward to fight inequality and to champion causes for the benefit of society. Their work to break down barriers has allowed future generations of women to pass through without resistance – and Women’s History Month honours these women. To mark the month, we’re holding some events through the SU (check them out on this page – we’ll keep adding more info, as and when they’re confirmed).
We also have some additional suggestions for individual ways to celebrate and empower women this month. You could…

- Read a biography about a female pioneer such as Amelia Earhart who was one of the first ladies of aviation
- Listen to a girl power playlist
- Watch a film about women’s movement origins and the suffragettes
- Volunteer or make a donation to an organisation for women’s education
- Write a thank you note to a woman who inspires you
- Watch an inspiring TED talk for women
- Support movies directed by women
- Support a women-owned business or organisation
- Post a link about your most-admired woman in history on Facebook

- Make sure you’re registered to vote

How are you celebrating Women’s History Month? Get in touch and let us know!