Student Assembly & AGM

Student Assembly & AGM

Tue 26 March 2019 17:00-20:00 - SU Venue

Student Assembly is the forum for Goldsmiths students to suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union and our work. Assembly is attended by all Full Time and Part Time Officers who give updates on their current projects, giving you the chance to hear about their work and hold them to account.

Any student can bring forward a motion (an agenda of action for the Union to act upon) to be discussed, debated and voted on. If passed, motions become policies, and the Union will work with you to enact the change: see our list of existing policy.

Find out more about how you submit a motion here, and come along to Assembly to help make change in your Union, in the College, and in the wider world.

An Annual General Meeting will follow this meeting.

The general nature of the business to be dealt with are:

-receiving the Accounts

-receiving the Trustee Report

-appontment of the Auditors

-open questions to Trustees

You can find the accounts and trustee reports here. Our Auditors are Crowe LLP.

Voting for Student Assembly will take place online for up to 3 days. Voting for the AGM will be a show of hands in the room.

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