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Fake Email Sent Claiming to be From Bahar Mustafa

Goldsmiths Students' Union have been made aware of a fake email claiming to be sent by one of their Officers.

Goldsmiths Students' Union has been made aware that a fake and very hurtful email purporting to come from the account of Bahar Mustafa is circulating on social media. This email has in fact been sent from "" and is entirely false. Anyone who checks the note at the bottom of the email will see that this has come via InstaEmail, which uses an open-field "from" text input, allowing anyone to give the impression that they are somebody else.
Goldsmiths Students' Union is considering taking legal action.
UPDATE - 25.11.15 - 20:16
Pamela Geller updates her article with email screenshot from Goldsmiths SU's Communications and Marketing Manager.