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A Statement following Hani's resignation - UPDATED

A statement read at tonight's Student Assembly on behalf of the SU President, Hani.

UPDATE -- Posted 19.11.15 at 16:56

Recent resignations of two editors of our publication, The Leopard, have been reported by various media outlets.

The SU believes the premise of the resignations to be a misunderstanding between the two parties and we did not intend to censor or supress any information in an article that was written about the SU.

The students concerned have been contacted and given written assurances on the outlet’s editorial independence when it comes to covering stories regarding the SU. We have issued an apology and, as such, both have decided to return to the publication, though the Editor-in-Chief will only return temporarily until the next edition is printed.

We are committed to offering our students opportunities in journalism and we respect our outlets’ right to criticise the organisation and hold us to account in a fair and transparent way. 

-- Posted 17.11.15 at 18:23
Below is a statement read at tonight's Student Assembly on behalf of the SU President, Hani.



Dear Students,


Thank you for listening to my sabbatical report. I would like to conclude this report by clarifying the final point on this being my last student assembly - I am resigning as a sabbatical officer at Goldsmiths Students’ Union due to personal reasons.


I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as a sabbatical officer, and hope that in my short time as a full-time officer, I have been able to at least fulfill some of the expectations you had for me, and made an impact on the student experience at Goldsmiths.


I am sorry that I am unable to attend this Student Assembly, and that I must leave so early in my term, but I leave Goldsmiths SU in the hands of my very capable colleagues whom I am sure will continue to represent you and strive to create a union that caters to all of your needs.


Warmest regards,





The Sabbatical Officer team is aware of allegations of bullying and harassment. Goldsmiths Students' Union takes these allegations very seriously, and having raised these with the Trustee Board, will be instigating an independent inquiry, to report back before Xmas. All four sabbatical Officers are fully supportive of this process and we ask for students to respect this process. 
















Above: Adrihani Rashid