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Students' Forum: BME Awarding Gap

Students' Forum: BME Awarding Gap

Mon 19 April 2021 17:00-19:00 - Online

Students' Forum is the space for Goldsmiths students to suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union and our work. Held regularly throughout the year, Students' Forum is led by all Full-Time and Part-Time Officers who give updates on their current projects and it's open to all students who wish to join, contribute and hold to account the SU and the Officers who they have elected.

This Students’ Forum will look specifically at the topic 'Discussing the BME Awarding Gap' and we will be joined by an expert panel. 

The event will run from 5-7pm and the event log in info can be found below: 

ID: 82260680452

Passcode: 279512



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