Hacksmiths: Ethics of Tech

Hacksmiths: Ethics of Tech

Fri 27 September 2019 11:00-15:00 - St James Hatcham Church

At a time where tech is being used to cause division, we need as many people as possible engaging in diplomacy and progressive discussion. We believe the only way to achieve this is by building people's confidence with tech, through tech.

Regardless of your background, or what you're studying, there will be something that Hacksmiths can offer you. Join us at this event to discuss ethics in tech as well as a showcase of student work and ongoing research being carried out by the Computing department.

All of our events are wheelchair accessible and all of our venues have gender neutral toilets. There will be a quiet space available in the Liberation Room on the ground floor of the SU building. If you've got any questions or additional accessibility requirements, please get in touch by emailing accessibility@goldsmithssu.org.

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