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The Wild Life and Plant  Centred Eco Sanctuary Eco Haven: including Research, Education, Ecoarts and Wellbeing


Our society will be developing a cutting edge wildlife and plant centred Eco Sanctuary/Haven embracing non typical 'garden' methods, completely utilising organic and sustainable methods. Our Haven will encourage birds, butterflies, insects and bees by the careful selection of plants and methods. There will be a fundamental focus away from human centeredness and geared to how we decolonise nature to find out who we are and where we are going in the age of the Anthropocene.

We will be applying for research funding, connecting with community green projects and hopefully documenting the project in a book/zine form to be archived for research.



All Welcome to this  nurturing endeavour...updated info. ( UK Green  Award 2021)

Brought to you by The WLEH Society (WildLife Eco Haven) 

No Skills Necessary, All Ages Welcome.

"The Shared  Seed Planting Nurturing  Endeavour."... also other seedlings or recycled plants ok.


Aim.. To create much needed nectar rich food for bees, butterflies and insects. 

And for cleaner air.

To share and pass on  the fun, achievements, findings and perhaps 

even failures of this challenge.


Now is the time to  find/seekout  any seeds in flower heads and/or plant the seeds you have,  

Plant them now in any space you find suitable. 

(From garden, rough/unused/derelict land, plant pots/planters, or seed bomb etc,)

Guidance for planting is found on a variety of sites online... RHS, Grow Wild,  etc. 

Continue to regularly document the process by your favoured  means 

(Ideas to express this process...photo, video, sketch, drawing, painting, words, poems, 

simple narrative etc)

We will come together online to share and learn from our group findings, stage by stage, 

whatever the results. 

Date TBC soon. In 2022.    

Looking forward to hear from you.

I'm going out to plant some wildflower seeds now.

Also Nurturing the supermarket throw away plants on a communal stairway landing....

attached below 

To confirm if you'd like to give this a go to...


(Please mark The Shared Seed Planting  Nurturing Endeavour)

Very Best Weatherings and Care

Margaret Jennings 

WildLife and Plant centred Eco Haven 

Attached...another option to this endeavour...throwaway plants revived 

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