About Us

Welcome to the First Love Society!

The First Love Society is dedicated to fostering a thriving and inclusive community at Goldsmiths University. With the primary objective of holding weekly meetings that attract students from diverse backgrounds, we aim to create an environment that is open and welcoming to all, irrespective of their faith or belief system.

Our primary goal is to demonstrate our love for God by showing love towards others, and to provide a network of emotional and spiritual support for students from all walks of life. As well as the Gospel, we are passionate about the creative arts and host events throughout the academic year to exhibit this.


What regular events do the First Love Society host?
Every Thursday at 6:30pm we host Bible studies at Richard Hoggarts Building (Room 143) for students to grow and develop their understanding of the Bible.

Please reach out to the contact below for more details.


What's the best thing about the First Love Society?
One of the scariest things about joining university is having to make new friends.

The best thing about our society is the wealth of opportunities available make great connections and friendships for life.


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Give our President Itohan a call or message on 07801 385645 and we look forward to hearing from you! Alternatively, you can contact us on Instagram (@firstloveuk) and someone will be in contact.

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