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Whether you are a seasoned MUNer or a complete novice, come and join us at conferences this year!


We are one of the most formidable players in the University of London domain. Goldsmiths MUN is a student-led society which encourages students to recreate scenes of the United Nations. Students perform as delegates from UN member states who belong to various committees. Student delegates involved in MUN are expected to discuss global challenges and issues. 

This activity is more than just debating: MUN is about advocating a country's position on a issue and working towards a common solution. It is an exciting opportunity to feel empowered through speech and role-play, whilst learning invaluable life skills that will stand out on your CV. 

The United Nations is one of the world's most significant international organizations, promoting peace and co-operation among nation-states. We now live in a globalized world where diplomacy surpasses national borders and politics. 

As an association, we will attend conferences organised by the University of London which provide MUNers a real chance to practice, as well as network with other members across the capital. Other on-site activities will include mini-practice runs and social get togethers. 

This year, our aim is to provide members with more training, focusing on improving self-confidence and core MUNing skills. Our team will run monthly meetings, organise fun termly workshops, and other social events. 

So far, we have attended multiple conferences, organised training workshops, and hosted a panel discussion event. 

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No elections are currently running