About Us

The Photography Society is a community for those who are passionate about the arts and photography to come together and share their ideas and projects. Exhibitions, Workshops, Jobs Opportunities


"Connections" Zine Information: 

The collaborative zine Connections was initiated in the face of seemingly continuous lockdown, the shared desire to create and connect with other artists, but also to stay inspired to produce novel work during the pandemic. Months in the making, photographers and poets were paired to produce a synergetic project, that complimented each other’s writings or imagery. A collaboration between the Photography and Poetry Society. Proceeds from this zine go towards supporting APT Studios in Deptford, London – a local arts charity.

Please email photographysociety@goldsmithssu.org to arrange delivery or collection of your Zine! 



More Information about the Photography Society: 

We are running workshops on how to take photographs, how to edit in different styles, create your own website, build a portfolio, how to exhibit your photographs, how to direct photo-shootings, how to use an analog camera, and much more. We will also be organizing talks from professional freelancers, art and film businesses and Goldsmiths alumni to talk about the freelance world, how to start getting paid for your creative work, how to network and find new clients outside of one’s usual circles, how to invoice, how to balance creative work vs. paying the bills, and more to be confirmed. Finally, we will be introducing a forum on Facebook to share photography events in London and new gallery openings to go as a group and have a great time!

This society will also be promoting paid job opportunities within Goldsmiths and outside universities. We want to push our society members to start working as freelancers and sharing their work with us! 

Last but not least, the Photography Society will be hosting several exhibitions and events throughout the year to showcase all member's artwork and share it with the rest of the Goldsmiths students! 


This society welcomes especially mature students, BME students, students with disabilities and women. You have no excuse not to join!


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