About Us

A place where anime fans and gamers can feel comfortable and share their passion! Anyone is more than welcome to join :))))

We hope we can create a space where people with similar interest can bond and connect over activities they enjoy partaking in! >.< 

Everyone is welcome!

Even if you've never watched anime before or never played a video game in your life! We welcome and have games for everyone, both casual and hardcore fans alike. 

Anime: We will watch anime together such as hosting anime movie nights on Discord. We will also play anime related games such ‘Guess the anime OP quiz’, and many more! We’re also open to having anime discussions and debates, and we’re also interested in starting cosplay workshops for those who are experienced and inexperienced alike!

Games:  As well as airing anime, we would also be having a games section where players alike can come together IRL and play games such as Smash Bros, Just Dance and many more! We also have recently started an Esports team for Valorant and are currently competing in NSE. We are also hoping to have teams for other games such as League of Legends, Apex Legends, CS:GO and many more. Feel free to suggest any games!

Events: Anime/Movie screenings, E-Sports tournaments, Dinner nights, Cosplay events/photoshoots. Trips to events such as MCM comic con/ Anime Con or other events that members may be interested in. We will also be trying to host a maid cafe, so come along and get involved! 

When: TBC 

Membership: Free

Our Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/jZ9aJSFhsC

To get in contact with the Anime & Games Society, follow our Instagram (@golds.animegaming)   for all updates and information, or email us directly at: 



If you would like to contact the committee member directly, contact:

President: kchew001@gold.ac.uk

Secretary:  ssaha003@gold.ac.uk

Treasurer: fnorm001@gold.ac.uk

Social Media : shopk001@gold.ac.uk

Games Leader: akurd001@gold.ac.uk


Hope to see you there!

Goldsmiths Anime & Games Society.

No elections are currently running