About Us

Association of British and Chinese University Students

ABACUS stands for the Association of British and Chinese University Students and aims to promote Chinese culture amongst University students.

We intend to create platforms for social interactions among students, bringing a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Goldsmiths ABACUS will be a part of a network of 8 other ABACUS groups in London; Brunel, LSE, SOAS, UCL, Queen Mary, KCL and Imperial. Together we host a large variety of intercollegiate events.

ABACUS membership explained: 
Our membership can be purchased directly on the right hand side, and entry to all our future events are at a discounted price for members, whilst non-members have to pay full price. 

As a multi-cultural society, we thrive in improving social interactions between various ethnic backgrounds and paying a homage to the Asian community. Our society celebrates Asian culture in the United Kingdom through a plethora of activities such as seasonal dinners, inter-collegiate events, ice skating, boat parties; there’s truly an event for everyone! 

No elections are currently running