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A massive restructure, just two years after the last one, is currently being put through at Goldsmiths by the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Despite legitimate concerns raised by many members of the Goldsmiths community including the SU and local trade unions UCU and UNISON, the Transformation Programme is set to destroy Goldsmiths as we know it. 

As we navigate through this period of drastic change, it's evident that these sweeping changes will inevitably influence students, staff and their rights and experience, as similar restructures have done in the past.

This webpage stems from a firm belief in the importance of transparency during times of significant uncertainty.

We recognise our responsibility to our members and the broader community to ensure that pertinent information about change is not only transparent but also easily accessible to all.

A restructure of this magnitude is bound to have a profound impact, and it's imperative that individuals are informed rather than having decisions and their impact imposed upon them.

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