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Event Description

Coming Home: A Guided Breathwork Session for Trauma with Inspire Breathwork

Sat 05 December 2020 10:00-11:30 - Digital Event

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What does it mean to feel at home in the body? Many survivors of trauma do not feel that this is possible. Often parts of ourselves are switched off, numbed, or silenced. Many of us needed this detachment or disassociation to survive. And that’s okay. It got us where we are now. An embodied practice like breathwork can help us reconnect with our bodies and work through the trauma we are holding.

In this one and a half hour workshop, Hannah Kendaru (she/her) of Inspire Breathwork will offer a resource meditation with a forty-five minute guided breathe. With gentleness and compassion, we will explore the healing potential of the breath. By tapping into your inner guidance and strength, this session aims to help you find home in your body and fall back into safety.

This workshop is open to anyone who has experienced trauma from sexual or gender-based violence and is interested in learning an embodied approach to trauma and healing. This is a guided group breathwork session, not talk therapy, and there will be no expectation for participants to disclose their own experiences. Participants are also welcome to join the session without video or audio enabled.

This event is a collaboration between the Against Sexual Violence project at Goldsmiths Students' Union and Inspire Breathwork as part of our 16 Days programming. If you have any questions, please email Lou (she/they) at

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