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Trashy Tuesdays Online with ROSE XO

Trashy Tuesdays Online with ROSE XO

Tue 09 June 2020 21:00-23:30 -

As if from a dystopian movie... suddenly the Goldsmiths Students’ Union was deserted and Trashy Tuesdays was just a long forgotten memory. People cried and drank their wine and gin & tonics alone, sadly singing Britney Spears into their hairbrushes and blurting out inappropriate sex facts whilst having dinner for one... wishing for quiz & karaoke once more.

Until one day... the static of an old TV could be heard faintly in the distance and the face of ROSE XO appeared through the pixels!

"Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and everybody in between! How are you all doing tonight?" and as if by magic the sound of the Vengaboys and Lady Gaga pours through the households of everyone and through the power of the internet. TRASHY TUESDAYS IS REBORN!

Join us ONLINE for our quiz, chat and karaoke.. with cash prizes!

CLICK HERE to start the party... https://zoom.us/j/94318980058

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