Gold Accents Short Film Screening

Gold Accents Short Film Screening

Mon 18 March 2019 20:30-23:30 - Richard Hoggart Building 137

Join us for a screening of three short films, Accents Speak Louder Than Words (UK), Don’t Ask (USA), Black Sheep (UK) and the launch of Gold Accents Series, a student-led short film project showcasing Goldsmiths students from a culturally and linguistically diverse background exploring the topic of ‘foreign’ accents.

Inspired by a quote by Asian-American author Amy Chua who said, “Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery”, the project highlights students sharing their stories and insights on their ‘foreign’ accents, and how they navigate the university, and on a broader scale, London.

‘Gold Accents’ reinforces the importance and uniqueness of every accent, and as a student-led initiative, it highlights the various accents spoken by Goldsmiths students. Each episode provides an opportunity to normalise diverse accents, while promoting diverse ways of speaking and expression.

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Accessibility: RHB 137 is on the ground floor of Richard Hoggart Building and is wheelchair accessible. 



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